About Peter

* Peter can never be accused of presenting ideas he would not do himself. He knows he’s the clown in the creative game.

Peter van der Helm - Artist, Producer, Entrepreneur

Big clients, big projects. When Peter starts something he does it right. He won a bunch of advertising awards with his campaigns for guerilla marketing, radio, television spots, newspaper ads, internet techniques he invented or just plain advertising stunts. Among the awards are, Lions. Lamps, Eurobests and Epica’s to name a few.

Peter did many things in his career : illustrating for Penthouse Magazine, designing and inventing campaigns for agencies and brands in the world, tattooing people and doing graffiti (all legal of course ;) . As far as he’s concerned the idea is what makes anything great. A great design without a good idea is shit with a golden edge.

At this moment he’s active making concepts for brands and agencies and teaching art-direction and concepting associated with the Art & Design College in Utrecht, the Design School in Rotterdam and being a guest teacher at the University of Amsterdam and Utrecht. Here and there he’s also giving workshops about Art Direction and concepting.

Need an extraordinary idea for your campaign?

Need help producing your idea?

Need a kickstarter in your team?

Give Peter a call.



Some things others say about Peter:


“Brilliant creative with a great sense of responsibility.”

Natalie AgreGM, MA Group Russia
managed Peter indirectly


“Peter is/has a creative master mind!”

Mike Hendrixen, Global Marketing Director


“Peter has given guest lectures which were very animated with many recent examples of campaigns to stimulate students to think “out of the box” for developing campaigns of their own.”

Henk Penseellecturer, Hogeschool Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands


“I’m delighted to recommend Peter. He is a true creative soul driven by passion and life. His work and ideas are free of constraints, always engaging, on-target and attention-getting. To have him as a colleague is an honour, and to have him as a friend is my advantage.

If you are seeking outstanding creative, you’ve found him.”

Scott HuberAccount Supervisor, wieden + kennedy


“In my view, Peter is an innovative creative. By thinking out-of-the-box he makes his work stand out. We worked together on different ideas for different clients. Once Peter is involved the collaberation always gets a spark. In our projects he has shown strong commercial, strategic and creative insights.”

Willem-Albert BolConnections Director, TBWA, Vodafone


“Peter is a great marketing mind and inspiring partner to work with. With his out-of-the-box approach he is capable to translate complex concepts into unique and off-beat marketing campaigns. From low key and short-term solutions to achieving highend goals, Peter will make you think, frown and smile on your business. Peter goes all the way, will not give up on anything he does and he is absolutely great with people. Peter has a casual approach, a strong sense of design and certainly knows his marketing principles.

Imre Gmelig MeijlingWunderkraut, Krimson


“Peter is an extraordinary creative guy. I know Peter for at least 15 years and he is surprising me time after time with new ideas and great initiatives.
I you are looking for a great campaign or promotion: GET HIM (if he has some time left).
You won’t regret it!”

Jacco van ‘t RietMarketing manager


For more info on Peter, check his linkedin profile here.


Of course Peter does never work alone in any campaign. A trusted team of people he works with for a very long time accompanies him in his ventures. Credit to all who worked with him on anything shown here on this website.