One of Peter’s friends, Robbert Hoving wrote a book about angels, demons heaven and hell and how good and bad are constantly pulling on humanity. Peter had the idea to make a comic book about the story, but then completely made out of Graffiti Artworks.

A comic book needs around 900 pictures so it’s calculated that this would take almost 3 years of Peter’s life so the idea came up to crowd-source the project amongst Peter’s graffiti friends (and also for other graffiti artist in the near future).

The website can be found here:


The facebook page can be found (and liked) here:

This project is open to anyone who wants to make a contribution to the comic book. Get inspired by the work done by others, pick a scene you feel that inspires you, make a graffiti and post the picture on the website.

Some work produced for the comic by Caer, and Heez:

Seth by Heez and Caer


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