For Football club Feyenoord Peter is asked to paint the supporters home inside the Feyenoord stadium.

It’s going to be a big task with multiple walls that need to be painted. It will take several months to finish this project, come back regularly to see updates. Feel free to comment below & please keep it respectful.


Peter Added Bob Petta to the wall of Molukan players.

Legioenzaal muur hoofden af


Bobby Petta Graffiti


Giovanni van Bronckhorst came along to sign Peter’s graffiti of him.

Graffiti Giovanni van Brockhorst

Peter & Gio


Also, media was present for Giovanni while Peter was working on the rest:


Gio Interview


Peter first started with the outside of the supporters home with some respect for the Tifo who are responsible for all bannering with artwork during matches.

Legioenzaal 260113


Next up was the other side of the outside of the supporters home, the bull is always a very interesting figure during matches so it needed to be there as well. Not finished yet but getting there.


Legioenzaal Feyenoord Bull



Also the inside with Giovanni van Bronckhorst and Simon Tahamata was taking it’s form untill Gijs decided there’s another person to be sprayed on the wall….more as this story develops….


Feyenoord Legioenzaal maart 2013-2


Legioenzaal maart 2013.jpgFeyenoord

Project baby in the back:


Legioenzaal baby 19042013

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