Peter’s best project by far until now.

18-01-2013 at 07:00 Chase Max van der Helm saw the light. Son of Peter and Mireille.

Mothers keep your daughters home and fathers keep your car keys close at all times.

Peter will be posting updates of this project on an ongoing bases so if you’re interested, come back regularly.


Some random pictures from the last month:

IMG_6170 IMG_6168 IMG_6161 IMG_6117 IMG_6068 IMG_6054 IMG_6040 IMG_6022 IMG_6008 IMG_5986 IMG_5983 IMG_5976 IMG_5974 IMG_5964 IMG_5957 IMG_5954 IMG_5946 IMG_5945 IMG_5940 IMG_5883 IMG_5876 IMG_5871 IMG_5863 IMG_5837 IMG_5833 IMG_5828 IMG_5805 IMG_5799 IMG_5798 IMG_5795 IMG_5763 IMG_5748 IMG_5745 IMG_5737 IMG_5734 IMG_5727 IMG_5694





5 minutes after birth



His first bath.



Serious look.



Chase Max his first tribute by Mister Caer from Groningen.



With Dad.



Some love from Jiske.



This is what babies do….chill mode.

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