Wilkin’s sleeve

The Wilkin Sessions.

This sleeve is a lot of work, it will feature one of Peter’s pinups created sometime in the past for Penthouse Magazine. In the end Wilkin’s whole arm should be covered with a fish (he’s a fisherman), water, his dog, reference to his kids and men-related items soon.

See how Wilkin progresses and come back every now and then.


The underarm….not there yet but slowly progressing:

(click on image for a larger view)

Wilkin Onderkant sleeve combi lowres



The top of Wilkin’s arm is getting to a stage we could call finished.

Wilkin tattoo pinup Boven 2

Wilkin tattoo pinup Boven 1


First Session to close the water on his underarm. Lot of work done in 3 hours time.

Wilkin Water Session-1 Wilkin Water Session-2


Session # 2 on the anchor:

Wilkin Anchor session 2

Session #1 on the flower plants.

Wilkin Flower session 1

Session #2 on the Dog. The inside of the arm is a special sensitive place. A lot of work went into this session, the result will show as the sleeve progresses. Another day of hard work.

Wilkin Dog Session 2-2Wilkin Dog Session 2



The inside of Wilkin’s arm will be a picture of his dog. Here’s some imagery of the first session:

Sketch Dog WilkinDog Wilkin Session 1


Peter started working below, this is going to be an under-water scene featuring an Harley Davidson sign.

Wilkin HD bord 2


Come back regularly to see how it progresses.


Wilkin sleeve top verderWilkin Sessie 2

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