Billboard for Wakker Dier

After winning several awards for print ads and the TV commercial the time has come for Billboards. Blowing up an image to this size was somewhat of a challenge. The boards are to be admired starting the 3rd of January 2013. Also, the word ‘plofkip’ was chosen as  the ‘word of 2012’ which translates roughly as blow-up chicken indicating industrial chickens and one of the team members of Wakker Dier has been chosen as marketeer of the year. All great pearls on the crown of the campaign. Also the 2013 ‘issue-award’ was granted to the Wakker Dier campaign.



(click on image for a larger view)


(click on image for a larger view)


Info about the rest of the campaign can be see here:


Commercial for Wakker Dier

Wakker Dier grew out to be one of Hollands most loved animal rights NGO in the Netherlands, partially by Peter’s work. Peter has helped Wakker Dier won some awards already including monthly winner of the peoples choice awards ‘Gouden Loeki’ for this film and the NRC Charity Award for a newspaper ad.


The commercial was awarded 3rd place in the Gouden Loeki Awards (peoples choice awards) for best commercial of the year. The ceremony can be viewed here: (in Dutch).

The printcampaign that goes along with this commercial can be viewed here: These got awarded twice at the NRC charity awards.

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