Bont voor Dieren / Dierenbescherming Animal Rights NGO’s


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Sunday the 11th of November Dutch Animal Welfare NGO’s “Bont for Dieren’ and ‘De Dierenbescherming’ both went campaigning against the use of fur in clothes and give people a ticket. “Most fur is real” it says in the copy above and people are asked to snitch on their friends who wear fur and give them a ticket.

More can be found on ad on Facebook (click).

Helpers are asked to share the ticket and tag their friends in it so BvD and DB know where to look. Want to do this? Click here.

Many thanks to everyone from BvD and DB Amsterdam, Brett Russel….huge props for the Photos, Patrick and Caroline for never ending enthusiasm, the models and Rodoël John Rooi for the set pictures.


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