New Kids Nitro – Sign Language translation

New Kids Nitro – Sign Language translation

New Kids are the new comedy hype coming from the Netherlands, the actors represent a part of society coming from house music and partying with lots of beers and you know what. Deaf people often can’t read as quickly and the question was raised to make a translation for this movie. In a few days with some youngsters we translated and hand-signed the whole movie. When launched it got coverage in all national news media, radio, television and even an interview together with the actors from the original movie at ‘De Wereld Draait Door’ (hollands Oprah). If you can read sign language and you have the movie next to you, play it at the same time with your computer next to the screen and have fun.



The sign language translation of a complete movie got a lot of coverage. Too bad that in the end the people from the movie did not want to use what we offered (for free) so the deaf community decided to make an act in cinemas on stage while the real movie was played in the background. Politics is a real bitch sometimes, luckily the client was happy and the production was positive. Thanks again to all involved!

De Wereld Draait Door coverage (Dutch Oprah) this is actually the best viewed program in the Netherlands everyone wants to be in it.




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