Peter started out being a designer, coming from the design school in Rotterdam (Grafisch Lyceum). Starting with record sleeves, party flyers working his way up to the ranks in agencies towards art-director and teacher. Now design is still in his blood where his design skills come in handy in every other aspect of his work. Although a good idea is necessary to make an idea brilliant and a good idea without a good design is still a good idea. A good idea with a good design makes it a perfect ten.

Of course Peter does never work alone in any campaign. A trusted team of people he works with for a very long time accompanies him in his ventures. Credit to all who worked with him on anything shown here. – logodesign

Faceranked is a website where you can upload your picture and rank others by choosing between 2 pictures The more people you see, the better the result of the ranking is. Scientifically approved math.




Garaloco – logodesign

Garaloco stands for ‘gay related locations and corporations. Of course Peter needed to step into the gay scene to get things absolutely right. If you make out where the ‘G’ is made from you’ll understand.




Tramontana – Complete Stationary

Helping Tramontana from scratch on onto the status it has at this point. A pretty famous woman’s brand of clothing. It all started with a logo design where all the employees of the company pointed out this one as the winner. Years followed where everything the company needed was delivered. From design onto photography and more.



James Cadeau’s – Complete stationary and website

James presents is a giftshop where business owners can set an amount of money and the employees can choose their own present for any occasion. Not only was the logo design delivered but also the website and the complete back office build.




Hallelujah Logo

Actually Peter was his own client at this time. One of the designers at the agency Hallelujah which Peter founded came up with this logo and Peter decided it was good and let it be know like this from then on.




La Maison du Champagne – stationary

It took a while to make this logo since Peter needed to do his research thoroughly as possible. Making working most of the time impossible when testing all the various types of champaign….the result turned out all right.




Nike – NN Building with Edgar Davids.

Peter worked at Wieden & Kennedy as a designer where he was asked by an art-director of he could photoshop Edgar Davids running trough a building. Having a lot of experience in the field of photoshop the request was filled in positively and the design started spreading like wildfire. Within the agency people got enthusiastic, presented it at Nike and at Nationale Nederlanden with this as an end result. Featured in the Guiness book of World Records as largest advertising ever.

* Photograph by Pieter Musterd

Dj Rob & Mc Joe – The Beat Is Flown

The first record that ushered in a decade of hardcore house music. Every hardcore Dj has this sleeve in his record collection or so we are told. Rob and Joe are still good friends.




The Nightmare in Rotterdam series

This was a lot of fun to do. Working at Mid-Town as a teenager with a small team of people making the designs of the flyers, the record sleeves and even the films made on the parties (like this one). Made with love. Everyone remember the Energiehal?



Lunapark Parties – Logo design and stationary

Lunapark was a client for a long period of time. Peter does not remember a lot from these parties so they must have been alright.




Various sleeves for Dj Paul

No shit, oldskool and happy hardcore. Ah well, it was fun to make.




The Vengaboys – Sleeve design