Peter had the fortune of starting with film at an early age. It was the time when money was not a problem in advertising so experience was gained on big productions and lots and lots of actor and actresses screening. Nowadays Peter has the insight to see what is possible and what is not and has a realistic view on the costs that go with a production. He thinks up the concept, makes production preparations and works along with the crew. Where needed he directs the movies himself.

Of course Peter does never work alone in any campaign. A trusted team of people he works with for a very long time accompanies him in his ventures. Credit to all who worked with him on anything shown here.


Commercial for Wakker Dier

Wakker Dier grew out to be one of Hollands most loved animal rights NGO in the Netherlands, partially by Peter’s work. Having a good and lasting relation with this client, Peter is hired internally to worj along the Wakker Dier team to think about upcoming and ongoing projects. Peter has helped Wakker Dier won some awards already including monthly winner of the peoples choice awards ‘Gouden Loeki’ for this film and the NRC Charity Award for a newspaper ad.


Film for Building ‘De Rotterdam’

Peter was hired for this film by advertising agency ’t Idee’ to help realise the storyboard and production. An amazingly big building created by master architect Rem Koolhaas. And by big we mean huge, this is the biggest (not the tallest) building in Europe. As Peter’s family comes from Rotterdam and the island where the building is erected has special family ties it was a special project to work on.


New Kids Nitro – Sign Language translation

New Kids are the new comedy hype coming from the Netherlands, the actors represent a part of society coming from house music and partying with lots of beers and you know what. Deaf people often can’t read as quickly and the question was raised to make a translation for this movie. In a few days with some youngsters we translated and hand-signed the whole movie. When launched it got coverage in all national news media, radio, television and even an interview together with the actors from the original movie at ‘De Wereld Draait Door’ (hollands Oprah). If you can read sign language and you have the movie next to you, play it at the same time with your computer next to the screen and have fun.


 Greenpeace Viral target audience: men

We can’t tell too much about this movie because it would ruin the surprise. Greenpeace has been a long lasted relation from Peter where he made lots and lots of productions (film, internet, radio, ads, etc) where he could help make the planet a bit better.


Greenpeace Viral target audience: women

Although Peter likes to make jokes about differences in gender, he’s a strong believer that both sides have needs to get served. So here’s one for the ladies:


Itec – Printing Solutions Commercial

Itec was a fun story. The company started a pitch with 3 agencies where Peter crushed the competition with this idea. Actually, the idea rests on hitting some open nerves in advertising, making some brands angry to create ‘buzz around the brand’. Itec was a small brand, the owner wanted to get his brand known by everyone on the Netherlands but had a ridiculously low budget to achieve that goal. Also, the target audience is a fairly small number of people (the ones responsible for buying printers) so the medium was also a bit off. Even the Dutch Association of people with burning scars (where Peter is one of them) reacted to get their own PR going. Sales skyrocketed at this company. A shame they never called back. Maybe they wanted a professional campaign but are not a professional client.


Greenpeace International TV Commercial

This commercial had a lot of work in it. There are 6 people morphing into another, voices needed to be morphed, the background glacier was build in small and stop-motion wise worked out. The skies where photographed every 15 minutes during a couple of weeks and the mountains where animated. To name just a few things. It was launched at the presentation of All Gore’s – An Inconvenient Truth where it received props from Mister Gore himself. The movie was translated into a dozen languages and is still found on many websites where pro and con activists fight the hell out of each other in the reactions….check out the reactions under this link as well.


 Friends of the Earth – Illegal tree planting

This campaign is also viewable in the ‘guerilla marketing‘ section. Remember that the world is different than it was 10 years ago. If you do a good campaign, make sure the world knows about it trough various different channels. Doing a guerilla campaign often means you end up doing a viral…because good news, shocking images, good ideas, etc. will go viral on the internet and can be used for news-coverage. To read about the results check here.


Greenpeace – Greenhouse Olympics

Greenpeace wanted to get their message across during the winter olympics in Turin. The plan was made to shoot some commercials showing how the winter olympics would look like if global warming persisted. Again, tight budgets and scary deadlines did not effect the end result. The organisation of Turin was so amused they even put it on their own website.


Commercial for ‘De Telefoongids’ – Dutch Yellow Pages

Peter was flown in to make something out of an already existing idea. Some things needed to be cut and others implemented. We know how to make hard work count.


TedX Rotterdam – Independently organized Ted events

To help out the superb series of Ted events, Peter filmed some well known dutch actors, designers, artists, etc. With some bold statements from their side.


Bont voor Dieren – Fur for Animals – Dutch Animal Rights Organisation

This film  accompanied the press release to address the problem of cheap fur coming in where most people think that if it’s cheap, it’s a fake. The film was accompanied by a postercampaign showing Georgina Verbaan (Dutch actress) and Ahmed Larouz (former Dutch politician, now businessman from Moroccan decent).


Terra Inc.

Peter is the chairman of Terra Nossa. Terra Nossa aims to help the native people of the atlantic rainforest in Brazil. There is so much to learn from our forests and since the atlantic rainforest is the mother of the amazone, we should start there. How better than to work with the people that already lived there for thousands of years. Terra Nossa has different projects in the region. the complete directors of the NGO are volunteers so your money is going where it should go. Donate one of the projects, buy a tree or get involved.


Leck & Bekker

This was actually Peter’s first commercial ever shot at the design school in Rotterdam. It got lost along the way so he decided to re-shoot it. Every year at easter it’s a nice item to send to everyone. Even got national news when it was launched the first time.


1 miljon saving lights / 1 miljoen spaarlampen – Greenpeace

This series got accompanied by a website, ads, radio and film. Trough the line as people like to call it. The idea was that persons and companies could register their saving lights usage working towards saving energy and thus in the end saving the planet. The campaign features an incredible amount of Dutch celebrities. One newspaper even wrote, if you are a celebrity and you are not in the campaign of Greenpeace, you ain’t a celebrity no more. It was also funny to see a lot of politicians getting registered and they only registered for 1 bulb. Does that mean they only have 1 light at home?


Kennedy van der Laan Lawyers

Needed some attention to their ‘from networks’ to adwords seminar’ Together with a social media campaign and strategy the place was filled. Campaign made in a timeframe of 3 weeks, results were excellent.


Amstel Lite

After doing a campaign for Heineken we overheard the challenges Amtstel Lite was facing. We took this like kindofa brief so we decided to make a series of commercials at forehand. Marketingmanagers impressed but not enough to actually hire us and take our work seriously. They ended up on the internet somehow and got them news coverage on De Wereld Draait Door (Dutch Oprah) we have no idea how that happened.

More here here here here here here here and here. We actually shot like 27 of them but decided it was now up to them to see if they liked it. Good call.


Friends of the Earth (milieudefensie) – Fart Family

The analogy of the environment in the world projected on a car.


Greenpeace Music

Another idea built by various different parties but where Peter layed the tracks. It became a phenomenon with 50 artists involved, superb music created especially to get the attention on the environment and goals achieved. In the end, Greenpeace almost became a record label which was not the intention Thus was decided to lay it to rest. It was a nice journey.

Dave Stewart (oldtime bigshot music man) gave props on the idea of Greenpeacemusic before the project even started. At the first presentation we used this to get the people responsible at Greenpeace enthusiastic about the idea.Many thanks Dave!


Greenpeace Condom Animation

Sometimes the timing of a campaign looses track with the actual implementation of a guerrilla. Let’s just say that it was too daring for Greenpeace to implement the guerilla that was supposed to accompany this ad


Bulldog Energydrink

One of the first projects Peter realized was for Bulldog Energydrink. The Bulldog is by Dutch law not allowed to make commercial advertising since they are a coffeeshop (where you can buy marihuana). While drinking a beer the idea came up to make some advertising for their own energydrink. Right after winning an award for a radio commercial this tv commercial was shot. It got a lot of news coverage and nominations for various awards. The people of the Bulldog became close friends and are still working with Peter until this day.


De Goudse Stroopwafels (dutch cookies)

When going to other countries Peter always takes a handful of dutch sweets with him made by his father. Peter’s former colleague from Ireland his father was a well known actor named David Kelly (may he rest in peace). David loved the treats as well and almost ate the whole package. But not before his son twisted his arm and made him swear he would play in a commercial for free. Here’s the end result.


Fanta Pomelo

Fanta was actually one of the first clients Peter worked on as a junior art director. Being so young the staff of the agency always made a contest with senior creatives but Peter and his copywriter always won the accounts. It became years of hardcore negotiations with a lot of important people in various countries telling hem what to do. The commercial was adapted for various different bottles of Fanta in virtually every country in the world.


Fanta Exotic

Where is the time of limitless money to be spend on beautiful shoots on the most beautiful beaches of the world starring packed guys and naked beautiful women. Those we’re the days. But spending 5 days on a beach to shoot 30 seconds is strange even in Peters mind. If you send him up there right now you’ll have enough commercials to fill a football match. Promise. Fanta Exotic was one of the best introductions in the Dutch Market and also aired in other countries.

These are never aired, Peter would have rather made 100 commercials with 5 seconds like this for the budget at hand.


Fanta Madness

After making a ziljon commercials that got adapted in countries Fanta France asked to come play along at their place. It ended up in a lot of things, amongst one of them is this commercial.


Short Documentary – The Artist Bonne ten Kate

Beautiful things are here to remember. Here’s a short documentary made for the artist Bonne ten Kate.