Guerilla Marketing

One of Peter’s specialities is thinking up of fun stuff. Guerilla marketing seems to be an answer that everybody wants but everybody seems to forget you have to be able to do things other companies won’t. That’s why it stands out from the rest. Also needed in a good guerilla campaign is the effort and time to distribute your message which is forgotten most of the time. So if you’re willing to bend the rules a bit and realise you have to work to get your name in the papers….give Peter a call.

Of course Peter does never work alone in any campaign. A trusted team of people he works with for a very long time accompanies him in his ventures. Credit to all who worked with him on anything shown here.




Friends of the Earth- Illegal Tree Planting

To adres the problem of the illegal chopping of wood across the world the idea arose to plant trees illegally. And so we did. For friends of the Earth (Milieudefensie) we went out in the middle of the night with 10 vans in 5 mayor cities of the Netherlands. Taking out the stones, digging a hole, planting the tree in the hole, sign on it and fence around it. Next day we had news coverage in all Dutch Newspapers, all Dutch radio stations, the 20:00 hrs news on tv, tv coverage in Spain, tv coverage in Argentina, the BBC world covered it, etc. etc.

The idea is featured in many books about guerilla marketing and won many an award across the globe.

Some films about it can be seen here, here and here.


Fur for Animals (Bont voor Dieren)

Not everyone realizes it but most (cheap) jackets out there on the market contain real fur in it. We’ve talked with some people on the street campaign was accompanied by a poster campaign (shown here). The¬†postercampaign shows Georgina Verbaan (Dutch actress) and Ahmed Larouz (former Dutch politician, now businessman from Moroccan decent).For the guerilla. click here.




Self promotion for agency ph/law.

To get TomTom’s attention the agency ph/law needed a trick to get the heads turning. So they did with this campaign.




Store for hearing devices – Hoorwinkel van Boxtel

To get the attention of the public we had taxis driving around with cans behind them. On the side it said ‘Don’t hear anything, come take our free audio test.’ The cans were made of rubber, hence these didn’t make a sound. The campaign was awarded best advertising stunt that year.



Heineken – The Loudspeaker Cab

Heineken made a campaign during the soccer games featuring a loudspeaker hat (not created here). To accompany this the idea of letting cabs rub with real speakers on the roof arose. These run in various cities where you could shout in favour of Holland.