Peter has created a way to preserve your tattoo after death. No worries, he is not coming over to cut in your beloved ones….a doctor will have to do that for you.

If you are interested in the process, check the Foundation for the Art and Science of Tattooing on the Walls and Skin page (peter’s shop). There are some other companies that have the same service but some of them are real hoaxes. We can assure you this is the real thing as we work with qualified doctors.


There is written a lot about it, google has a lot of answers but here are some links for the lazy people amongst you:

The Mirror, English newspaper

NPR, Dutch tv

The Guardian, English Newspaper

Reuters news agency


Google has more for those interested.


Dutch Algemeen Dagblad article:

Peter in Dutch Media

Peter in Dutch Media



Peter or Peter’s old work got noticed. It’s one of his sales points. If you are daring enough to use his ideas you will get the news (if that’s your aim). Now of course all customers say that they want daring ideas but in the end it’s a rarity for them to really use them in the end. They usually get spooked before implementation. This section covers a bit of the PR Peter made with campaigns, because of his artwork or personal things. Lot of it is in Dutch, for questions….contact Peter.


Peter as a teacher: 

Peter teaches at some universities and schools throughout Holland. Some reactions from students here:


Great PR from Ads of the World on Facebook and Twitter.

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Linking to this site


Some PR for a camera using Peter’s Graffiti work:

(click on the image for the page)


Review Canon Heez screenshot



Some PR about a graffiti workshop Peter gave:

Alblasserdam Nieuws


Or click here


Interview with Peter on Dutch National television (in dutch)



PR for Peter’s sign language project

The sign language translation of a complete movie got a lot of coverage. Too bad that in the end the people from the movie did not want to use what we offered (for free) so the deaf community decided to make an act in cinemas on stage while the real movie was played in the background. Politics is a real bitch sometimes, luckily the client was happy and the production was positive. Thanks again to all involved!

De Wereld Draait Door coverage (Dutch Oprah) this is actually the best viewed program in the Netherlands everyone wants to be in it.





Wakker Dier campaign 

Peter’s campaign for Wakker Dier to reduce the use of Industrial Meat Chicken’s has got lot’s and lot’s of coverage from National News to TV shows, and hundreds of articles in the national press.

National News

Algemeen Dagblad Newspaper

National News website


Peter’s graffiti work featured in Dutch Masonic Magazine Thoth.


Interview in the Algemeen Dagblad national newspaper.

About an accident Peter had when he was 13, losing some fingers but still let him pursuit a career that involves drawing.



Some writings in local newspaper “De Klaroen’ about a graffiti workshop Peter has given



Interview with Peter from the Art & Design college in Utrecht



Interview with Peter in a creative magazine, about creativity




Interview with Peter about his ‘dreamjob’